KGO TV competition and special offer

Your chance to win a SnoozeShade Plus Classic stroller shade

PLUS an exclusive coupon code just for KGO-TV viewers 

Enter our competition and you could win one of 100 amazing SnoozeShade Plus Classic  universal fit sun and sleep shades for strollers.

Invented by a mom, these award-winning breathable shades fit all styles of strollers and joggers and let moms get out of the house at naptime and keep baby safe from the sun’s harsh UV rays anytime.

The mesh lookout window is like putting shades on your baby to stop the bright sun getting in their eyes. It’s a cinch to use, simply pop on and pop off attaching easily with stretchable straps.

Perfect for vacations, running errands and any time you want to protect your baby’s delicate skin from the sun, mosquitoes or when it’s time for a snooze on-the-go.

What real moms (and grandmothers) say about SnoozeShade Plus:

“I LOVE SnoozeShade Plus! I live in Austin, Texas – we see the sun over 300 days a year. It’s great, except when you’re on a walk with your child in her stroller and the sun is beating down on her especially when she’s trying to sleep. SnoozeShade Plus is the solution to my problem. This product is so easy to use.”

“Our summer so far has been super HOT and humid. Taking my Grandson out for a stroll near the river and woods requires protection from the sun, heat, and insects. SnoozeShade Plus provides that protection while keeping baby comfy and cool. Simply brilliant. Love it!”

You can enter by leaving a comment on this blog, answering the following question:
What percentage of UV rays does the lookout window of the SnoozeShade Plus block?

You can also earn extra entries by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and tweeting your entry each day.


If you don’t win we’ve created a special deal just for KGO TV viewers - save $10 on a SnoozeShade Plus Classic and free US shipping (valued at $3.50)

 Use code KGOTV10 at checkout – click here to buy your SnoozeShade Plus Classic now and save $13.50.

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121 Responses to KGO TV competition and special offer

  1. Djona Junkovic says:

    awesome products

  2. Tanisha Champion-Benjamin says:

    I would really like to win one of these for a friend of mine.

  3. Mike Lano says:

    Hope we win this and thank you!

  4. Mike Lano says:

    Hope we win this!

  5. Eman Zahriyeh says:

    I would absolutely love to have snooze shade for my child

  6. Susan McGrath says:

    Hope I win one!

  7. Lynn Huckle says:

    Much needed in our current weather situation.

  8. Mikey Aburamadan says:

    Blocks out 98% of harmful rays!

  9. Lilibeth Mora says:

    This item looks awesome. I have several friends and coworkers that are pregnant & the snooze shade is a perfect baby shower present (that isn’t on their registry).

  10. Leland Leong says:


  11. Jonathon Lee says:

    Lookout window filters 80% of UV rays

  12. dee patel says:

    What percentage of UV rays does the lookout window of the SnoozeShade Plus block?

  13. Celeste Graham says:

    Thank You! What a great gift!

  14. Lydia Lieb says:

    80% of UV

  15. Thuzar says:

    94% UV ray is blocked.

  16. Denise says:

    Would love this for my newborn!

  17. Tammy Greer says:

    The SnoozeShade blocks 98 percent of the sun’s harmful rays when the shade is closed for napping and 80 percent of UV rays when the mesh window is open.

    Thank you for this chance to participate!


  18. Jacqueline Garretty says:

    SnoozeShade Plus blocks out 50% of UV rays!

  19. cristy maranon says:

    Hoping to get one of this especially after my son undergo surgery…I really need to protect and provide comfort for him when we are outside enjoying the sun.

  20. Anna Lim says:

    I would like one free Sunshade w/Finney’s Friday Free Stuff. Thanks!

  21. Ben Lin says:

    What percentage of UV rays does the lookout window of the SnoozeShade Plus block?

    I think 80.

  22. Loretta Ramos says:

    The SnoozeShade blocks out 50% of the harmful UV rays.

  23. Alicia Chan says:

    This s a great product. I need this one.

  24. Loretta Ramos says:

    The SnoozeShade blocks out 50% (SPF 50) of the harmful UV rays.

  25. Jane Yamada says:

    Please tell me if I won one of the snooze shade.


  26. Karyl-Ann Gargan says:

    Like to win the baby snooze shade! Thank You

  27. David says:

    I love that the SnoozeShade will protect my baby by blocking 98.5 percent of the sun’s UV rays!

  28. Lisa D. says:

    blocks 94% of UV rays

  29. Carolyn Freitas says:

    The snoozeshade plus blocks 80% of UV Rays.

  30. Dale says:

    Blocks 99%

  31. gail kirkwood says:

    Great idea

  32. michele says:

    80% of the rays blocked out for my precious grandbabies!?! I’ll take two… far!!!! Thank you!!

  33. Erin says:

    50 SPF

  34. Ted Budner says:

    I really would like to receive one of your snoozeShade Plus r[for my Grandchild. Thank you

  35. Andy bell says:

    I would like to win so I can give to my daughter who lives in Oregon. My daughter is an ex Marine, married to a Marine and would love to own a snoozeshade.

    • Andy bell says:

      I would like to win to win to give to my daughter who live in Oregon. My daughter is an ex Marine, married to a Marine and she would love to own a Snoozeshade. The Snoozeshade blocks 97.5% of UV rays. I saw this on ABC 7 news.

  36. ron stanley says:

    blocks 80% of uv rays

  37. raquel says:

    this looks really cool i would love one for my daughter

  38. Marilyn Wong says:

    Blocks 97 percent UV rays.


  39. Amy V says:

    Exciting to possibly win a snooze shade!

  40. Muneerah Lalani says:

    My niece just had a baby and i still have not found a unique gift for her so i would love to get this for her !

  41. liljo says:

    would luv to win a snooz shade!I would make a comment Then.
    Thank You

  42. jennifer says:


  43. Heidi says:

    It blocks out 98.5% of the rays – awesome!

  44. Sandra York says:

    Would really love to win this … here in Nevada, the sun comes right into my window and light the bedroom at 5:00!

  45. Virginia Kruger says:

    The SnoozeShade blocks out 80% of UV rays. I think this is the greatest product ever invented for a stroller. Finally a way to keep the sun from hurting baby eyes.

  46. Andrea Gray says:

    For years, we used towels or light blankets to shade our babies. This is a terrific idea for young moms and their new additions.

  47. Heather Reid says:

    Looking forward to winning one!

  48. Kathleen Bowie says:

    Snooze shade window protects up to 80 percent of uv rays.

  49. Emily says:


  50. Emily says:

    Yay! Yippee!

  51. Denise says:

    80% of UV protection through the mesh lookout window! That’s awesome!

  52. Linda lee says:

    Hope I win

  53. DLLee says:

    SnoozeShade Plus: The single-layer ‘shade’ panel filters 80% of UV rays (rated UPF5) allowing children to see out to enjoy their surroundings without the bright sun in their eyes.

    SnoozeShades Classic block 98.5% of UV

  54. Galina Ivashkoff says:

    The snooze shade plus blocks 99% of the UV rays from the baby

  55. Jan Hollins says:

    It will block the sun’s UV rays by 50%. :-D

  56. M.K. Chan says:


  57. Mary madden says:

    Snooze shade please

  58. kirk jensen says:

    This looks great. I will give it to my niece for her one year olds stroller.

  59. Linda Adrain says:

    I want to try it!!!!!

  60. 80 % percent of UV rays which the lookout window of the SnoozeShade Plus blocks.

  61. Lisa Harris says:

    This snooze shade is a fabulous invention! Everyone should get one, cause we all know someone who could use it.

  62. Ranjani says:

    What a great idea ! I could use one of these.

  63. Kathleen Werner says:

    The SnoozeShade Plus blocks 98% of UV Rays.

  64. Deanna says:

    It blocks 80% of UV rays! Hope to win!!!! :)

  65. Lisa Harris says:

    Why is the snoozeshade so necessary for mom’s on the go? Because it protects your baby by blocking out 80% of the suns UV rays! And the baby can still see “out” thru the screen, it’s terrific!

  66. Mindy Chiang says:

    What a great way to protect the young…

  67. Amanda Negrete says:

    80% of uv rays are blocked by the look out window of the snooze shade plus

  68. sUny says:


  69. Sabrina says:

    Thanks for this contest! I hope I win! This product looks great and I could definitely use it for my baby!

  70. Curtis Ferea says:

    What a great opportunity for a new product!

  71. sandi oday says:

    I need this! I want this!!!

  72. Cyndy says:

    Great time ahead with my granddaughter if I win!!

  73. Tiffany Mekeres says:

    Hi There!

    This looks like a great product!! As a mom of three little ones under five I am always impressed with the new products that have come out within the last five years. My six week old would surely appreciate this shade cover for the summer as we’ll out and about enjoying the warm weather!

    Great invention Momma! Thank you!

    And BTW, from what I’ve read it blocks 80% of UV!

  74. kelly hunter says:

    Blocks out 80%UV. That’s great in the ay area

  75. edward cooke says:

    Is there a model available for my office cube?

  76. ket says:


  77. Jennifer says:

    80% of rays

  78. C. Oliver says:

    filtering 80% of UV rays

  79. Marilyn Morris says:

    Would love to win one of these!

  80. PS says:

    80% of UV rays are blocked–WOW!! That’s great. Plus 99% of the sunrays are shielded, protecting the babies–so you won’t have to use SPF chemicals. Impressive!

  81. Sandra says:

    Snooze Shade blocks 100% of UV rays

  82. Rita LaPointe says:

    I would love to have a sunshade for my little one. We walk lots and would love to keep the sun off of her.
    Thanks You, Rita

  83. Cat says:

    Blocks 98.5% of suns UV rarays

  84. This the best thing a Mother or Dad can give to their baby. Is protection. The sub’s can due damage ,so this is the solution, and great looking. I love mine you will too.

  85. Ruth Shinnick says:

    The SnoozeShade Plus lookout window blocks 98.5% of the UV rays.

  86. Carol O'Gorman says:

    it’s good to keep the sun off new babies

  87. Kathy says:

    80% protection

  88. Irene Dufel says:

    would love to have one of these for my granddaughter – sounds like it would block at least 80% or more of the UV rays

  89. Riya says:

    SnoozeShade Plus blocks over 98% of UV rays.

  90. Trish says:

    99% blocked

  91. Rob Romero says:

    Handy! Easy!! Effective:)

  92. marg says:

    80% wow!

    How about making a small one to fit over glasses or contacts

  93. GloriaV. says:

    It filters 80% of uv rays.

  94. Margaret says:

    80% of rays. Would love to win to try out this product. Thanks, Finney!

  95. KmKSunshine says:

    Great idea! Happy, well-rested babies are delightful! Thanks,

  96. Ron says:

    Sunlight can be so bright. Great idea for little ones. Thank you.

  97. deeda says:

    80% of UV rays blocked with this product, fantastic !!

  98. Dori Bell says:

    I would love to win a Snooze Shade for my grandson.

  99. Kathy says:

    unespected new grandbaby on the way – FANTASTIC deal

  100. Elisa Snedden says:

    SPF 50 sunscreen blocks 98% of UVB rays, therefore the SunShade, with a 50 SPF , blocks 98% of the UVB rays.

  101. Ellen Fisher, Sr. says:

    this is a fantastic product,

  102. Ellen Fisher, Sr. says:

    Fantastic idea!

  103. Bryn says:

    98% of rays

  104. christie chu says:

    SPF 50 blocks 98.5 of UV rays

  105. Meadow D'Arcy says:

    97%!!!! I am going to disneyland in June with my 7 month old I was just looking at these!! I want one please!!! :)

  106. Susan Tomarchio says:

    The SnoozeShade Plus planel blocks 80% of UV rays.
    Great way to protect my little grandchildren from the suns harsh rays since we spend a lot of time outside!

  107. Karen says:

    The lookout window of the SnoozeShade Plus blocks 80% percentage of UV rays.

  108. Meadow D'Arcy says:

    Website seems to have changed the description. I’m changing my answer to 80%!

  109. Misty LoPresti says:

    Would love this for my new babe due next month! Look out window filters 80 percent of UV rays!

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