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Let people who use SnoozeShade products tell you how it makes their lives easier.

Here is some of the feedback we get from SnoozeShade customers – there are more in the reviews section of each product:

“I am a mother of 8 and have already tried the JJ Cole car seat cover, the elastic broke and the Velcro came off. I was looking into this one for some time and finally got it, I love it so much, it is big for those bulky car seats, dark for nap time, and stylish, I have gotten so many compliments it is crazy. The largest benefit is that no one comes up to me trying to touch my baby, it keeps the privacy factor going. I love this cover and would buy tons more for friends if they were having any children.” Sarah, USA

“We tried out the SnoozeShade today and it was just as promised — great!  I used the SnoozeShade with my BOB Revolution.  The infant car seat attachment bar was still  in place and I pushed the canopy open to keep the access to the peekaboo window on top still accessible.  No matter how I configured my stroller the SnoozeShade still easily fastened.   It’s winter here in Los Angeles so the sun is low in the sky, but still hot.  The SnoozeShade blocked it out perfectly.  Today was actually the first time Emilio took a 2 hour nap in his stroller!  Might there be a coincidence?  I don’t know for sure but you bet I’m keeping the SnoozeShade in place!” Ines, Los Angeles

“It’s such a great product and does what it’s supposed to, something hard to find these days! The SnoozeShade fit perfectly over my BabyJogger stroller and the Velcro was very strong. The fabric is high quality and blocks out tons of light while still allowing air flow through. It also blocks a good amount of wind without blowing away. The stitching, zipper, Velcro and fabrics are all fantastic, making for a very durable product. I love the “sneak a peek” zipper because I can check on my little guy without having to take the cover off, exposing him and waking him up. My son was always content in the stroller when covered with the SnoozeShade and would take long naps while out for walks. It was great to know he was protected and comfortable. This product also rolls up compactly and neatly into it’s own bag, which makes keeping it handy a cinch!” Katy, USA

“I was searching the internet for a shade that provided better SPF protection than the one made by the manufacturer of my stroller. Found many reviews raving about SnoozeShade. It took only two attempts to fit the SnoozeShade Plus to the stroller. I just needed to adjust the shade to its midway point on the stroller and fitting was a snap. Our summer so far has been super HOT and humid. Taking my Grandson out for a stroll near the river and woods requires protection from the sun, heat, and insects. SnoozeShade Plus provides that protection while keeping baby comfy and cool. Simply brilliant. Love it! Thank you.” Stefanie, USA

“Our third baby unexpectedly arrived six weeks early and spent two weeks in NICU. When we finally brought our little boy home, I was paranoid about protecting him from germs especially after being told by the NICU nurses and doctors to keep our baby away from crowds for the next few months. I used a blanket to cover the car seat on our first few outings, but was concerned that the blanket might fall on the baby or that he might not be able to breathe properly with a blanket over the seat.
I am soooo happy with this cover and wish I had had it from day 1. It attaches easily to the handles of our car seat (Safety 1st Air Protect On Board 35) and is very easy to fold down and fold back. My primary reason for wanting this cover was as a germ barrier and it serves its purpose in that respect. It is also working out great as a weather barrier. It was raining this morning when I took my older children to school and this cover kept the baby protected from the rain. It is also fantastic on bright, sunny days for keeping the sun out of the baby’s eyes both while going to and from the car and while in the car. I do not need to purchase sun shades for my car windows because I just keep the car seat covered on very bright days.
The fabric of this cover has little holes in it and is definitely breathable. It reminds me of an Adidas or Under Armour technical sports fabric. I thought the baby might get warm under the cover on the hot days at the end of August, but that was not the case. I also find it funny that my baby always sleeps soundly when this cover is on his car seat since it is called the “Snooze Shade”. I initially just wanted this cover to protect my baby from strangers touching him or coughing on him, however it has exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend this cover!”  Pamela, USA

“I don’t leave home without my snooze shade! I’ve been using it for the last two months, and it really helps my 3-month-old son stick to his nap routine when we’re out and about–running errands or walking in the park. Even if he doesn’t fall asleep, he calmly watches the patterns made by the light against the mesh, which is way less stimulating than the bustling streets of NYC (where I live). It’s a LOT easier than using a blanket, and way darker. (Sometimes if it’s really bright, I’ll use this plus a blanket for total blackout… It has a zipper in front so you can peer in at your little one. It has elastic around the bottom, which makes it super easy to pull on and off, and we use it both in the stroller and when the seat’s buckled into the car without a problem. (I have Graco Snugride 35 and it fits fine.) It folds up small and fits in my diaper bag… It’s a little on the pricey side, but having a kid who sleeps well during the day (so he can sleep well at night) is worth it!!

PS The snoozeshade also came in handy on a recent trip to Miami when our son was sleeping in his carseat in the room with us. It was great to have him be able to have a dark place to sleep while we had a dim light on to have some grown-up time!” Marika, New York

“The SnoozeShade is the absolute best baby product ever. I have used in on the beach during our vacation and my 7 month old went right to sleep. The material lets air in but keeps the sunlight out. People were asking if my son was baking underneath and I offered to let them place their hand under to see just how cool it was inside. I use the SnoozeShade all the time and it has become my go to present for every baby shower I attend. This is a must have item!!!” Danielle, Conneticut

“I was looking for a product like this right when I got pregnant. I was a nanny for some years and the child I watched had a bed/nap time routine that involved covering his crib or stroller with a blanket to create more darkness and help him sleep longer. However I thought there has to be a better way since the blanket didn’t allow much air flow, I would always leave spaces open for air to flow through, but of course this lessened the level of darkness. That was about six years ago, as soon as I got pregnant about a year ago, I was searching for a product like this because I know how the darkness helps the child fall asleep. I was surprised when I couldn’t find what I was describing eventually I came across the snooze shade, however, it was being sold in england. Anyways later on I found it on amazon and jumped to get it. Great product, moms really do know best for baby, congrats to the creater, I almost invented the product myself. You beat me to it.” Judith, USA

“Purchased this for a trip, and it is truly wonderful. Without it, my 11 month old would only sleep maybe an hour, because of distractions waking her up. With the snooze shade she had 3 hr naps!! It is constantly attached to my stroller so I never leave it behind. Very lightweight and excellent for sunny days. I wish I would have known about it sooner. A must have for all babies. Superb for travel!” K Bryan, USA

“I ordered this to take on our vacation not sure if it was really going to help or not. Let me tell you as soon as we put it on and tell my daughter time for a nap….she lays back and falls right asleep. We do not leave the house without ours and i would recommend that everyone have one of these.” Andrea, USA

“I bought this to use for my little one on a trip to the beach, and boy am I glad I ordered this. It is such a great product that totally blocks out bright sunlight and shades your baby while still letting fresh air circulate throughout the stroller, so it is a total godsend for naptime while you are out and about. It is so easy to use, it just slips right over your stroller and is very secure and nice looking (I have a Bugaboo Cameleon and it worked perfectly). This allowed my little one to stay on his nap schedule even while my older child played all day at the pool. It’s nice not only for sleeping, but for shading him if the park or the pool is too sunny. Overall, great purchase and I would highly recommend it for anyone with little ones.” Bennat, USA

“A friend of mine told me about the SnoozeShade and I knew we had to have one. It’s fantastic, such a smart product. Using blankets is a pain, but the SnoozeShade is a cinch. My daughter used to fall asleep during our afternoon walk but would wake the moment I walked into our brightly lit apartment building. Now I roll her into the apartment and she stays asleep long enough for me to put the groceries away! I would definitely recommend this product to any mom!” Rachel, New York

“I had been looking for something like this for quite a while! It fits my bugaboo just perfectly and allows my little guy to get some sleep while we are out and about! The mesh material allows air in, while keeping the light out. The interior of the carriage also stays nice and cool. This works sooo well that he was able to snooze his way through a trip to the McDonald’s playland with big sister! Love it!” Jill, Boston

“I LOVE SnoozeShade Plus! I live in Austin, Texas where we are lucky enough to see the sun over 300 days a year. Which is great, except when you’re on a walk with your child in her stroller and the sun is beating down on her. And it’s especially problematic when she’s trying to sleep. SnoozeShade Plus is the solution to my problem.
This product is so easy to use. It’s adjustable so it fits on all the different stroller options we have, from our Graco travel system stroller to our umbrella stroller. It also fit well on my neighbor’s jogging stroller. There’s elastic around the edges to help with the fit, and then the velcro straps make it super easy to attach the shade to the stroller. It takes maybe a minute to attach the SnoozeShade to your stroller…it took me longer to write this last paragraph than to install the shade.
Once you’ve got it on, you’re ready to stroll! SnoozeShade blocks out almost all UV light, which is one of my favorite features. It’s really comforting to have a protective fabric that protects my baby from rays. It also blocks out the light so my child can nap (or when awake, not be blinded and irritated), and it’s easy to peek in on her when I want to. My little one looks like a VIP undercover in her stroller when we use this, and she’s all smiles, too.” Elizabeth, Texas

“We love our SNOOZE shade!…my favorite thing is that it promotes Sleep! when we are on the go especially if I have to go somewhere during nap time I know my baby is going to get the sleep she needs. I also love that it keeps here cool with the mesh material even in the heat of the sun! It’s perfect for cooler weather as it protects her from wind and rain! We love it!!” Tana, Los Angeles